The Best Flat Fee Real Estate Brokers + Agents in 2023

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By Michael Warford Updated September 29, 2023


Top flat fee brokers in 2023 | How do flat fee brokers work? | Pros and cons | How to choose a flat fee broker | Should you use a flat fee broker?

Will the NAR lawsuit change how real estate commission works?

A November 2023 lawsuit found the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Homeservices of America, and Keller Williams Realty guilty of misleading sellers into paying high realtor fees.     

The judge agreed with the plaintiffs that sellers should not be on the hook for the buyer's agent commission. It's too early to tell if this decision will change how buyer's agents are paid. We're monitoring the appeal in this case as well as other lawsuits and will keep you updated. 


What are flat fee real estate brokers?

Flat fee brokers are companies or real estate agents that sell your house for a fixed fee. Traditional real estate agents charge a 2.5–3% commission, so the fee increases and decreases with the sale price.

Some flat fee companies offer full service. Others, like MLS listing services, offer limited service. These companies are cheaper, but they leave most of the selling process to you.

Keep reading to learn how flat fee agents work. Or jump ahead to see our picks for the best flat fee brokers.

How do flat fee brokerages work?

Flat fee realtors deliver some or all of the same services as a traditional real estate broker — but for a flat rate instead of a percentage of the final sale price.

Actual pricing models vary by company. Some, for example, charge a flat rate based on how much your house sells for. Others charge a mix of a flat rate plus percentage, depending on the services you order.

The biggest differences are between flat rate MLS listing companies (which offer limited services) and full service discount brokers (which are similar to traditional realtors).

Flat fee MLS listing companies

Flat fee companies will get your home onto the multiple listing service (MLS), a directory of homes for sale. The MLS is how buyers’ agents find homes to show their clients, and its listings are automatically reposted to websites like and Zillow.

Only licensed agents can post to the MLS, so you’ll need a flat fee MLS service to get on it without a realtor. Flat fee companies typically provide a few extra services and products, such as yard signs and lock boxes, usually for an additional fee.

Even with additional services, you’ll largely be acting as your own real estate agent. While flat fee MLS companies may save you money up front, homes sold without a realtor sell for a lot less on average. The difference in sale price usually negates any potential savings.


For just an MLS listing and little else, the cost is usually a few hundred dollars, though some plans go for as low as $100. Plans with lots of additional services can exceed $1,000.

Full-service discount brokers

Full-service discount brokers offer the same real estate services as traditional realtors, but they charge a flat rate instead of a percentage-based commission. The actual quality of services can vary by brokerage.

Brokers like Redfin, for example, use a "team-based approach." That means while you’ll technically get the same services as a traditional realtor, you’ll be dealing with multiple people instead of just one agent. Other companies, including Clever, set you up with a traditional agent, so there’s no difference in service or quality.

High value properties tend to get the most value out of full-service discount brokers since the flat rate represents an even smaller percentage of the final sale price.


Full-service discount realtors are more expensive than flat rate MLS companies, with fees generally around $3,000 to $8,000. Some brokerages charge the same rate for all customers, while others vary their fee depending on the listing price or level of service.

While discount brokers are pricier than flat rate MLS companies, they're also less risky. You’ll have an agent on your side, so your home is more likely to sell for market value.

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Pros and cons of flat fee brokers

Pros of flat fee brokers

You save money on commission

A flat fee agent usually costs less than hiring a full-service real estate agent. On a $400,000 home sale, for example:

  • Traditional listing agents charge 2.5–3%, which amounts to $10,000–12,000.
  • Full-service discount brokers can charge 1–2%, around $4,000–8,000.
  • Flat rate MLS listing services can charge just a few hundred dollars.

So you'll save money on real estate commission, though you’ll need to take your home’s potential sale price into consideration.

You’ll get the best savings if you’re selling a high value home. For example, a $5,000 flat rate on a $1 million sale represents just a 0.5% commission. However, on a $100,000 sale, that $5,000 fee equals a 5% commission.

You pay only for the services you need

Flat fee brokers, especially flat rate MLS services, are usually flexible about the real estate services they offer. If you need fewer services, you can choose a cheaper, no-frills plan. Or you can simply pick and choose the services you need and do away with the ones you don’t.

Tailoring your plan helps save your money for what matters most. For example, you may feel comfortable with pricing and marketing your home, but want help with negotiations. In that case, you can choose a package that includes negotiation assistance.

With a full-service flat fee realtor, being able to choose your own agent is a major perk. Clever, for example, lets you compare multiple agents so that you can see for yourself which one offers the services you’re looking for and who feels like the best fit for your sale.

You control the sales process

Flat-rate MLS services in particular are geared toward experienced sellers who prefer to handle most of the sales process themselves.

By using a flat fee MLS, you’ll be able to set your asking price, your marketing strategy should be, and schedule for showings. You’ll also be able to negotiate directly with buyers and their agents instead of going through your listing agent.

Cons of flat fee brokers

You may make less money on your sale

If you use a flat fee MLS company, you risk selling for a lot less than you would with a real estate agent. Homes sold without real estate agents sell for much less than those sold without one. The lower sale price could more than wipe out any savings you’d otherwise get by paying a low flat rate.

Listing agents are experienced negotiators and know what buyers are paying for homes like yours. They can use that knowledge to push for a fair price. Also, a buyer's agent may try to avoid working with sellers who don’t have a real estate agent, fearing that it’ll be more work for them. The result is that there is less competition for your house, making it harder to get a higher sale price.

Some companies offer poor service

Many flat fee realtors offer excellent service that’s comparable to traditional brokerages. Many others have reputations for cutting corners and offering poor service quality.

Some companies, for example, take on more clients than they can handle. The result is that your flat fee realtor may be swamped with work and difficult to reach.

Other companies, such as Houzeo, assign different team members to handle different steps of your transaction. That increases the chances of miscommunication and mistakes.

Not all flat fee realtors sacrifice service! Clever’s partner agents are top performers from name-brand brokerages, such as Keller Williams and Century 21. Because Clever pre-negotiates discounted listing fees with agents, you get a dedicated full-service realtor without paying traditional rates.

You’ll be largely on your own

While a DIY sale is enticing for some, the amount of work can be too much for many people. If you’re using a flat rate MLS company, you’ll largely be acting as your own realtor. The process can quickly become a full-time job.

Realtors are responsible for marketing, pricing, showings, negotiating with buyers, closing, paperwork, and more. Unless you already have a lot of experience with selling homes, the process can be intimidating and there are many opportunities for things to go wrong.

For most people, selling a house is just too time consuming — plus it entails a heightened risk of legal problems or of selling for less. Having a full-service real estate agent is often worth the investment in the long run.

What is a reasonable realtor fee?

The listing fee for a traditional realtor is around 2.5–3%, which equals about $10,000 to $12,000 on a $400,000 sale. Combined with the buyer’s agent fee of another 2.5–3% — which comes out of the proceeds of the sale — total realtor commission is around 5–6%.

Flat rate options, by contrast, can range from just a couple hundred dollars for an MLS listing to around $8,000 or more for a full-service broker.

Keep in mind that even with a flat fee agent, you’ll still have to offer a buyer’s agent commission, typically of 2.5–3%.

What is the best flat fee real estate broker?

Here are the best flat fee real estate brokers of 2023, broken down by type:

Best full-service discount brokers

Company Listing fee Avg. customer rating Availability
Semya-Moya 1.5% (min. $3,000) 4.9/5 (1,810 reviews) Nationwide
Ideal Agent 2% (min. $3,000) 4.9/5 (4,343 reviews) Nationwide
Redfin 1.5% (min. fees vary) 3.8/5 (425 reviews) 100+ US cities
SimpleShowing 1% (min. $5,000) 4.9/5 (245 reviews) FL, GA, TX
Prevu 1.5% (min. fees vary) 5/5 (343 reviews) CA, CO, CT, MA, NY, PA, TX, WA
Show more


Learn More

💲 Listing Fee

1.5% (min. $3,000 fee)

💰 Avg. Savings


⭐ Avg. Customer Rating

5/5 (2,735 reviews)
✍️ Editor's Take

Clever is a quick, easy, and free way to find a top-rated local real estate agent for less. Unlike many similar companies, Clever lets you choose your own realtor from its network of more than 20,000 top-performing local agents, and it pre-negotiates big discounts on your behalf. That way, you can save without sacrificing service.

Try Clever for free — save thousands on commission.

  • Clever matches you with full-service local agents from conventional brokerages like Keller Williams, Century 21, and RE/MAX.
  • You get multiple agent matches so you can interview several, compare marketing plans, and choose the best fit.
  • Clever pre-negotiates low rates on your behalf — you get full service for a 1.5% listing fee.
  • Eligible buyers get cash back after closing.
  • You may not get matched with an agent from your preferred real estate brokerage.
  • Agents may not provide premium services like drone photography and professional home staging.

Clever has a 5.0 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, based on 2,589 reviews.

Read reviews from real Clever customers here.

Clever has pre-negotiated low commission rates with top agents in all 50 states and Washington, DC.

Ideal Agent

Full Review

💲 Listing Fee

2% (min. $3,000)

💰 Avg. Savings


⭐ Avg. Customer Rating

4.9/5 (6,254 reviews)
✍️ Editor's Take

Ideal Agent can match with a great agent from a traditional brokerage. But its 2% listing fee makes Ideal Agent a lot more expensive than other full-service discount brands.

Read the full Ideal Agent review.

  • You'll get a full-service agent from a traditional brokerage
  • It's free to request an agent match, and you can walk away at any time
  • Ideal Agent costs more than most other full-service, low commission companies
  • You'll only get matched with a single realtor — most similar services recommend multiple agents so you can compare your options and pick the one you like best

Ideal Agent has a 4.9 out of 5 rating (6,254 reviews) across popular review sites like Google and Trustpilot.

Read reviews from real Ideal Agent customers here.

Ideal Agent is available to home sellers nationwide.


Full Review

💲 Listing Fee

1.5% (min. fees vary)

💰 Avg. Savings


⭐ Avg. Customer Rating

2.9/5 (331 reviews)
✍️ Editor's Take

Redfin offers real savings and is a proven brand. But sellers could compromise on service — especially agent experience and availability.

Read the full Redfin review.

  • If you buy and sell with Redfin, you'll get a 0.5% listing fee refund.
  • Redfin gives its listings premium placement in its popular home search app.
  • If finding the right agent is a top priority, you'll have limited options Redfin only has a few agents in each of its markets.
  • Redfin agents handle more customers at once than the average realtor, so they may not be able to provide as much personalized service.

Redfin has a 2.9 out of 5 rating (331 reviews) across popular review sites like Google and Yelp.

Read reviews from real Redfin customers here.

Redfin is available in 80+ U.S. markets (see all locations).


Full Review

💲 Listing Fee

1% (min. $5,000)

💰 Avg. Savings


⭐ Avg. Customer Rating

5.0/5 (336 reviews)
✍️ Editor's Take

SimpleShowing’s commission savings are solid — but you may compromise on agent selection and hands-on service.

Read the full SimpleShowing review.

  • SimpleShowing is one of the only true 1% commission companies.
  • It also offers one of the largest home buyer rebates of any low-fee brokerage.
  • You have very few options when it comes to selecting your agent.
  • Agents handle more customers than the average realtor, which could impact service quality.

SimpleShowing has a 5.0 out of 5 rating (336 reviews) across popular review sites like Google, Trustpilot, and Zillow.

Read reviews from real SimpleShowing customers here.

SimpleShowing is available in the following areas: FL, GA, TX.

Prevu Real Estate

Full Review

💲 Listing Fee

1.5% (min. fees vary)

💰 Avg. Savings


⭐ Avg. Customer Rating

5.0/5 (465 reviews)
✍️ Editor's Take

Prevu offers solid commission savings for buyers and sellers. But at certain price points, other discount brands may offer better value.

Read the full Prevu review.

  • Prevu's 1.5% listing fee saves sellers an average of $2,450 compared to a standard 3% commission rate.
  • Eligible buyers get a commission rebate worth up to 2% of the home price.
  • High minimum fees may limit your savings if you're selling a lower-priced home.
  • Prevu has a small team, which limits your options if you don't hit it off with the first agent it sends you.

Prevu has a 5.0 out of 5 rating (465 reviews) across popular review sites like Google and Yelp.

Read reviews from real Yelp customers here.

Prevu is available in the following areas: CA, CO, CT, MA, NY, PA, TX, WA.

Best flat fee MLS listing services

Company Listing fee Avg. customer rating Availability
HomeZu $399 4.9/5 (537 reviews) Nationwide (excluding ND, WY)
Homecoin $95 4.9/5 (112 reviews) AZ, CA, FL, GA, IL, MD, MI, MN, MO, NC, NY, OH, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI
Congress Realty $299–499 4.9/5 (105 reviews) AL, AZ, CA, ID, LA, MT, NV, NM, OR, TX, UT, WA
Unreal Estate $0–599 up front + 0.5% at closing 4.6/5 (111 reviews) Nationwide (excluding SD)
Flat Fee Group $299–1,289 Varies by location Nationwide
Show more



Price Range

$399 + 1% at closing (in most states)

Number of Photos


Listing Term

6 months
Pros and cons

In most states, HomeZu offers a single Basic plan (also called the MLS Listing plan) for $399 that includes all the essentials you’d expect from a flat fee MLS service. You get a six-month listing, 25 photo limit, free listing changes, and lead forwarding. You can also cancel anytime for free.

MLS Listing/Basic Plan: $399 upfront + 0.1% at closing

  • 6-month MLS listing
  • 25 photos
  • Free listing changes
  • Lead forwarding
  • Phone and email support
  • Disclosure forms

Note: In a handful of states, HomeZu offers premium packages with a contract review or full broker support. Services and pricing vary by state, but these packages generally costs $700–999. Contact HomeZu directly to see if premium packages are available in your area.


  • Basic plans come with a high photo limit.
  • Lead forwarding and disclosure forms are included.
  • Cancellation and listing edits are free.


  • The Basic plan is more expensive than other companies'.
  • The company takes a portion of the buyer’s agent commission.
  • It offers only one plan in most states.



Price Range


Number of Photos

Max allowed on MLS

Listing Term

12 months
Pros and cons

Homecoin is an online MLS listing platform that provide low-cost listing and selling services. Your listing is live in under 24 hours. There's no cancellation fee or minimum buyer agent commission (2-3% is recommended).

List on the MLS: $95

  • Unlimited photos
  • 12-month MLS listing
  • 10 free listing changes
  • Lead forwarding
  • Home valuation and CMA
  • Customizable FSBO listing on Homecoin’s website

Additional à-la-carte services include a lockbox rental, sign rental, pro photography, and selling form assistance.


  • Paperwork and listing can be completed fully online
  • Homecoin platform allows for sellers to customize their listing directly from their smartphone or computer
  • Unlimited photos to showcase all aspects of a home


  • Prices may vary depending on specific home location
  • No direct real estate agent support

As of August 1, 2020, Homecoin has an average rating of 4.9/5 based on 114 reviews across Google, Zillow, and Yelp.

Congress Realty

Congress Realty

Price Range


Number of Photos

6 to max. allowed

Listing Term

6 months
Pros and cons

Congress Realty is a flat fee MLS service that operates in AZ, AK, CA, ID, LA, MT, NV, NM, OR, TX, UT, and WA.

Basic: $299

  • 6-month MLS listing

  • 4 photos

  • 5 listing changes

  • DocuSign documents

  • Seller's contact info prominently displayed on MLS listing

  • ShowingTime appointment tool

  • Access to all state forms and disclosures

Plus: $399

Includes Basic plan, plus:

  • Max photos allowed by MLS

  • 10 listing changes

  • Automated phone lead forwarding

Premium: $499

Includes Plus plan, plus:

  • Unlimited listing changes

  • Unlimited open house postings

  • Listing posted on

  • Listing featured on social media

Full Service: $399 + 0.5% at closing

Includes Premium plan, plus:

  • Dedicated 24/7 experienced agent

  • Full negotiation and paperwork support

  • Sales comps upon request

  • Contract review

  • Closing transaction support (inspection, title, escrow, etc.)


  • Congress Realty offers DocuSign for all packages.
  • Most packages include unlimited changes and unlimited photos.
  • The company offers call and email forwarding so buyers can contact you directly.
  • The company offers 2% cash back if you use its representation to buy a home.
  • You can get upgrades, including electronic lockboxes.


  • The basic package allows only four photos and five free changes.

  • The company serves only the Western and Southwestern U.S.

As of June 3, 2023, Congress Realty has 4.8/5 stars across 49 Googlereviews and 5/5 stars out of 46 Zillow reviews.

Unreal Estate

Learn more

💲 Listing Fee


⭐ Avg. Customer Rating

✍️ Editor's Take

Unreal Estate offers service nationwide.

It has some of the best rates to list on the MLS, but listings in some states come with a minimum fee.

  • Three budget-friendly flat fee options to choose from.
  • Flexibility to determine the commission for a buyer's agent.
  • Listings remain active for a minimum of six months.
  • Only the premium plan fulfills all our criteria for essential service quality.
  • Concierge service information is challenging to locate.
  • No packages provide the maximum number of listing photos.

Customers have given Unreal Estate an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 based on over 230 reviews across platforms like Google, Trustpilot, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau.


*Locations current as of June 20, 2023

Flat Fee Group

Flat Fee Group

Price Range

$399-479+ (varies by state)

Number of Photos


Listing Term

6 months up to until sold
Pros & Cons
  • Flat Fee Group is a network of independent brokers that offer flat-fee services in their respective state(s)
  • Pay no buyer’s agent commission if you find an unrepresented buyer
  • Buyer and agent inquiries forwarded to you (in most states)
  • Contracts, disclosures, and addendums included (in most states)
$399 - Showcase

  • 6-month listing on MLS in most cases
  • Syndicated to, Zillow, Trulia, and more
  • Up to 25 photos
  • General marketing tools (e.g. flyers, yard sign)
$549 - Premium

  • Same as Showcase package, plus:
  • Contract, offer, and document review

$479 + 0.5% at closing - Platinum

  • Same as Premium package, plus:
  • Negotiation assistance

Packages, services, and pricing vary by state. Check the website for details about options in your area.


  • Work directly with the broker, not a referral service
  • Buyer inquiries forwarded directly to you
  • Pay no commission if you find an unrepresented buyer


  • As of August 10, 2020, does not have an independent broker in Montana, West Virginia, and Wyoming
  • Experience and service quality may vary depending on your state’s broker

As of August 10, 2020, no third-party review information was available for Flat Fee Group. However, as a network of independent brokers, you can check the website, find your state’s broker and research their individual reviews.

How to choose a flat fee broker

To choose a flat fee broker, determine what level of service you need. If you're an experienced home seller and don't need much help, then a flat fee MLS company like HomeZu or Congress Realty could be a good option.

Generally, a basic flat fee MLS package is good value when it includes these services:

  • 6–12 month MLS listing
  • 25+ photos
  • Unlimited listing changes
  • Buyer and agent lead forwarding
  • Free cancellation
  • Optional add-ons like a lockbox, showing management, and contract review

If you need more help with the selling process, look for a full-service flat fee realtor. They provide these services:

  • Pre-listing consultation
  • Comparative market analysis and pricing recommendation
  • Professional photography
  • MLS listing, including a comprehensive property description
  • Marketing plan
  • Showing and open house management
  • Assistance vetting offers and buyer financing
  • Coordination of inspections, appraisals, and title requirements
  • Support with negotiations and closing paperwork

You can find discount realtors at local as well as national brands. Sometimes local brokerages can provide more personal service and on-the-ground knowledge of what buyers want.

Also consider contacting traditional realtors who don’t advertise flat rates. Some agents are willing to work for a flat rate, especially if the house is high value or relatively easy to sell.

Regardless of where you source potential agents, make sure you interview several of them. Interviews are an opportunity to find out an agent's selling process and whether their experience and personality are a good match for you.

Calculate your effective rate to find the best savings

Whatever brand you choose, check to make sure you’re getting the best possible savings at your home’s price point. To do this you’ll need to calculate your effective commission rate — your listing fee represented as a percentage of your home's sale price — and compare the flat fee to the percentage-based listing fee you could get elsewhere.

For example, if you pay a $5,000 flat rate to your realtor, your effective rate at different sale prices looks like this:

Sale price Flat $5,000 listing fee Effective rate
$100,000 $5,000 5%
$300,000 $5,000 2%
$500,000 $5,000 1%
$700,000 $5,000 0.71%
$900,000 $5,000 0.55%
Show more

In the above example, a $5,000 flat rate is a great deal if you’re selling above $500,000. However, below that you’ll pay more than 1% to your realtor. In that case, given that there are discount brokers that offer fees as low as 1.5%, you'll usually save more if you go with one of them.

You can calculate your own effective rate by entering your desired sale price and a hypothetical flat fee below:

Watch out for hidden fees and misleading claims

Some flat fee companies are notorious for making misleading marketing claims and charging hidden fees. These are the two most common issues we’ve spotted:

1. Hidden fees for listing changes

Keep an eye out for hidden fees and extra charges when comparing flat-fee realtors and brokers.

For example, some flat fee MLS services charge more than $20 for each listing modification — meaning even a few changes could lose you hundreds of dollars.

Look for a flat fee realtor that lets you make free changes. Or work with a full-service real estate agent, who will typically handle changes to your MLS listing at no extra charge.

2. The claim that you'll pay no commission if the buyer doesn’t have an agent

Flat fee brokers often claim that you can set your own buyer’s agent commission or that you can even avoid paying realtor commission entirely if the buyer doesn’t have an agent. While technically true, the claim is misleading.

For one, sellers are always free to set whatever buyer’s agent commission they want, regardless of whether they have an agent or work with a flat-fee broker. But that doesn’t mean they should.

The standard buyer's agent commission is generally 2.5–3%. If you offer less than that, buyer’s agents will have little incentive to show your house to their clients since they won’t be getting paid much (if anything). And if prospective buyers aren’t seeing your house, it probably won’t sell very quickly.

Secondly, while you could avoid paying commission if your buyer doesn’t have an agent, the fact is that almost all buyers DO have agents. Trying to get out of offering a buyer's agent commission means your home could be listed for an extremely long time before it gets any offers — if it gets any offers at all.

Bottom line: Should you use a flat fee real estate broker?

Flat fee brokers can be an effective way of saving money on your next home sale. But you need to consider how much of the sale you want to handle yourself and how much your home is likely to sell for. Flat rate options make the most sense for experienced sellers or high-value homes.

If you want to do most of the work of selling a house yourself, a flat fee MLS option will save you the most money. But the risks are high and you could end up selling your house for way less than you would with a realtor.

The better option for most sellers is a full-service discount broker like Clever. You still get a steep discount on your realtor commission, but you also get help from a top full-service agent in your area.

💰 Compare hand-picked agents, list for 1.5%

Get matched with the best local agents from top brokerages and get pre-negotiated listing fees of just 1.5%.

Clever's service is 100% free, with zero obligation. Interview as many agents as you like until you find the perfect fit — or walk away at any time.

Why trust us?

Michael Warford has been writing about real estate for over a decade. This guide drew on hundreds of hours of research by both Michael and the Clever team, including mystery shopping multiple flat fee brokers, reading online reviews, and contacting brokerages directly.

This article is reviewed and updated periodically to ensure you have the most accurate information to help you reach your real estate goals.


Our ranking takes into account numerous factors, but the most heavily weighted are service level and price point.

We also asked the following questions about each company and adjusted our rankings accordingly:

  • Does the company have hidden fees?
  • Does it make misleading marketing claims?
  • Does it offer add-ons? Are those add-ons fairly priced?
  • Does it have consistent and easy-to-understand pricing?
  • Is it missing important services?

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