Top 10 Custom Home Builders in Michigan

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Custom home builders construct houses from the ground up based on the bespoke requirements of each client. This is an opportunity to design a house for on your unique needs. Let’s take a look at the best custom home builders in Michigan.

Top 10 Custom Home Builders in Michigan

Building a custom home can seem intimidating. It takes a major investment of effort and funds to create the exact kind of home that you want.

At the same time, it’s also an opportunity to create a space that perfectly suits your needs. Everything from the size of the rooms down to the doorknobs can be designed just the way you want them to.

If you’re looking to build a custom home in Michigan, you’ll want to work with the best custom home builders near you. Here are the top custom home builders in the state.

Macleish Building

Macleish Building is a custom home building company headquartered in Troy, Michigan. It was founded by Dan Macleish, who started his career as a builder while still a student at the University of Michigan.

The company has a team of architects and a construction crew that helps translate customers’ custom requirements into well-built houses and condominiums. Macleish Building has been conferred a number of awards including being inducted into the Building Industry Association Hall of Fame and being named among APA’s America's Best Builders list.

MGM Construction

MGM Construction is a third-generation construction company based in Roseville, Michigan. Founded in the 1950s, the family-run business has both second- and third-generation members lending their experience to custom construction projects.

The company has a new home construction service that pairs customers with home designers to help them realize the dreams they have for their home. MGM Construction has custom handles custom home projects all across southeast Michigan.

Luxe Homes Design+Build

Luxe Homes is a custom home builder in Michigan that focused on luxury homes. The company was founded by the owners of two existing companies with their own successful track records — VanBrouck and Associates and Olde World Homes. Luxe Homes uses a personalized approach to understanding each client’s requirements.

The team condenses the requirements obtained from each customer into a document called the Personalized Project Criteria. A designer then produces conceptual drawings of the custom home using that document. Before development kicks off, the project manager creates a construction time schedule so that customers know what stage the home is in at any given time. Luxe Homes has won the Detroit Home Design Awards’ Reader's Choice Award six different times.

M.J. Whelan Construction

When a company is voted the best custom home builder at the Detroit Home Design Awards seven years in a row, you have to sit up and take notice. M.J. Whelan Construction’s portfolio of custom homes ranges from cozy cottages built on waterfronts to luxury homes in Brighton, Michigan.

It’s a body of work which shows that the company can take on any custom home construction project no matter what the style or design. Each project is assigned a project manager to ensure that construction proceeds in keeping with the designs created with inputs from customers. M.J. Whelan Construction has been active in southeast Michigan since 1990.

MAC Custom Homes

MAC’s Custom Homes was founded by Michael A. Collings, who started learning how to build homes while he was still a teenager. His passion led him to become a licensed General Contractor and then the founder of this northern Michigan-based custom home construction company.

MAC’s construction process involves a room-by-room walkthrough with customers, so that their needs for each room can be identified. Clients are also given a tour of the company previous projects, which can serve as inspiration for the current build. MAC is based out of Traverse City and has projects in different parts of northern Michigan.

TK Design & Associates

TK Design & Associates is a custom home builder that claims to make the most livable, cost-effective homes in the state. The company was founded by Todd Hallett along with his wife Katie Hallett. Todd Hallett started his career under the tutelage of Ron Mayotte, a well-known architect.

He has since won the Building Industry Association’s Best Home Design award both in the $600,000-plus and sub-$300,000 categories. TK Design caters to the construction of both single family and multi-family residences. Apart from custom home builds, they also work on production homes and remodeling projects.

Great Lakes Custom Builder

Great Lakes Custom Builder has been involved in new construction developments in Michigan for over 25 years now. It is led by James Wiese, who has funded and managed constructions worth more than $98 million.

The company works on custom homes, condominiums, offices, and apartment buildings. Both the in-house team and an extended network of subcontractors and artisans work on these projects. Great Lakes Custom Builder is based out of Troy, Michigan.

Cottage Home

When it comes time to construct a home on your Lake Michigan lakefront property, you want to work with the experts. Who specializes in such a niche form of construction? Cottage Home. The company designs and builds family homes on the Lake Michigan shoreline. The company was founded by Brian Bosgraaf, who was born into the home development business.

They have now built over a hundred custom houses along the southwest Michigan shoreline. 32 of those homes have a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design certification. Cottage Home is a member of the Green Built Michigan project and uses eco-friendly materials in its construction.

Olde World Homes

Olde World Homes is a custom home builder on a mission. They believe that the principles of old-world craftsmanship have been lost in the construction of new homes. They’ve set out to bring that back to the homes that they build in Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, and Orchard Lake.

At the helm is father and son duo of Don and Bryan Leith, who promise to strike a balance between elegance and affordability with every home they build. Olde World Homes has offices in both Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills.

Windmill Homes

Two things define Windmill Homes’ custom construction projects: skilled workmanship and elegant design. The company hires some of the most experienced workmen in the industry to realize its vision of responsible land development.

Windmill Homes is led by Sami Harb, George Mager, and Stuart Michaelson, who attend trade shows and conventions regularly to learn about new construction innovations and add it to the company’s existing arsenal. This custom builder has a presence in a number of cities across southeast Michigan.

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