Discussion at the frankfurt book fair

The one is Benediktinerpater and best-selling author of spiritual books. The other was a top manager and served time in prison for embezzlement. Anselm Grun and Thomas Middelhoff met at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The last one turns off the light?

They are used as daycare centers, retirement homes or galleries: Churches that are abandoned as places of worship. There are tricky questions ahead for congregations: When in doubt, should churches be sold to fast-food chains or rather torn down?

Throwing herself to the ground before the lord

Msgr. Markus Bosbach © Jelen (Archdiocese of Cologne)

On 23. In June 1995, the Cologne Cathedral Chaplain and Deputy Vicar General Monsignor Markus Bosbach was ordained to the priesthood. To this day, his silver jubilee as a priest, he does not regret having chosen this path.

During Advent, there is a wide range of events in Cologne's inner city parishes. It is annoying to miss an interesting event. Canon Dominik Meiering reveals how this is to be prevented.

The North Rhine-Westphalian Higher Administrative Court (OVG) has provisionally prohibited the Bayer industrial group from commissioning its carbon monoxide pipeline planned between Dormagen and Krefeld. At the same time, however, the judges allowed the company to finish building the pipeline at its own risk, as the OVG announced in Munster on Tuesday. Two private individuals, over whose properties the route is to run, had complained. The decisions of the OVG cannot be challenged.

Germany's most spectacular white-collar criminal case, the Mannesmann trial, was dropped by the Dusseldorf Regional Court on Wednesday in exchange for millions in fines. This means that Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann and the five co-defendants are still considered innocent and have no criminal record. They had to stand trial on charges of serious breach of trust and aiding and abetting such acts.

Ackermann must pay 3.2 million euros The 10. The state chamber thus followed a motion by the defense, which had been agreed to by the public prosecutor's office. With the decision, the proceedings have ended prematurely without a final verdict. Ackermann has to pay 3.2 million euros, ex-Mannesmann CEO Klaus Esser 1.5 million euros. The former Mannesmann supervisory board chairman Joachim Funk is asked with one million euro to the cash. The court fined former IG Metall chairman Klaus Zwickel 60,000 euros and the other two co-defendants 30,000 and 15,000 euros respectively.In the course of the takeover of Mannesmann by the British mobile communications giant Vodafone, a total of 57 million euros in bonuses and severance payments to Mannesmann managers at the time were approved by the supervisory board of the Dusseldorf-based group in 2000 – Esser alone received 15 million euros. Among others, Ackermann and Zwickel sat on the presidium. The trial was about whether the defendants had breached their duty to look after Mannesmann's assets by granting and accepting the bonuses.

Justification: Lack of public interest In his reasoning, presiding judge Stefan Drees referred to a lack of public interest in continuing the proceedings. Clarification of outstanding legal ies is not mandatory because they are "predominantly ies that are not of general importance beyond the present case".Already six years ago, none of the lawyers and auditors consulted by Mannesmann had specifically advised waiving payment of the bonuses, Drees noted. Even at that time, numerous legal questions of importance for the proceedings had been unresolved, which could now no longer be clarified in a legally binding manner "within a foreseeable period of time". The reasoning is based on Section 153a of the German Code of Criminal Procedure, which allows the proceedings to be discontinued.Beyond the trial, important legal ies related to the rights and duties of supervisory board members in the management of corporate assets are seen by the 10. Criminal division already clarified by federal trial court ruling a year ago. The highest federal judges had overturned the acquittals from the first Mannesmann trial two years ago and referred the trial back to Dusseldorf.

Against attacks from reactionary groups

Argentine Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Perez Esquivel has called for more support for Pope Francis. Especially in the effort to protect the planet, he said, the head of the church should be supported much more.

Thousands are injured, many died after a devastating explosion in Lebanon's capital Beirut. The churches are hit as well, yet try to help the victims.

Why a good christian also lets nettles grow in the garden

Beekeeping as a hip hobby for city dwellers? © dpa

Whit Monday is World Environment Day. The reason for a look at Eichstatt, the "green diocese of Germany": For a year now, there has been a nature trail there on the subject of bees. Many a gardener could learn some unpleasant things in the process.

The former archbishop of Milan and patriarch of Venice, Cardinal Angelo Scola, is publishing his autobiography this Wednesday, in which he recounts details from the 2013 conclave. He was never an opponent of Cardinal Bergoglio.