A balancing act?

Can nursing home stay open if infection numbers continue to rise? Yes, says the evangelical bishop of Baden. Because it is about much more than only the protection of health.

Spiritual service church

11.Theologian Paul Zulehner has received 000 responses to an online survey in ten languages. The result: people would like to see more social engagement in the pandemic above all.

Comfort and support in the crisis

Man with medical gloves holds a cross © elena_prosvirova (shutterstock)

Extensive praise from high places: In view of the Corona crisis, the Catholic bishops in Germany have acknowledged a high level of personal commitment on the part of church employees in pastoral care, counseling services and at Caritas.

Israel has vaccinated almost half its population against Corona. At the same time, the vaccine distribution also poses a political question: What is one's attitude to Palestine? Impressions of a German priest in Jerusalem in the current "Himmelklar" podcast.

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Life in its fullness and experiences of resonance with nature: these are themes that the Berlin philosopher and biologist Andreas Weber deals with. In interview, he talks about missed opportunities in Corona pandemic.

CBA: In their publications they deal with all shades of life. Have we learned to appreciate life more again through Corona?

Six months of the corona crisis

At midday prayer: Nuns wearing face masks in St. Peter's Square © Andrew Medichini

Corona crisis keeps Germany on tenterhooks for six months. The Catholic Church has also changed a lot. A look back.

Church services only online

Following the rise in Corona numbers, churches in South Korea have only been allowed to hold services online since this Sunday. Only absolutely necessary people would be allowed to enter the places of worship, South Korean media reported.

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Pope Francis has called Catholics to a sense of community in the face of the Corona crisis. The pandemic leads to the fact that many live "more or less isolated". An alternative would be spiritual communion.

Easter masses in belarus despite pandemic

Dubbed "Europe's last dictator" by critics, Belarusian president went to church Sunday for Orthodox Easter despite coronavirus pandemic. That is sacred to him, no matter what the circumstances are.