A balancing act?

Can nursing home stay open if infection numbers continue to rise? Yes, says the evangelical bishop of Baden. Because it is about much more than only the protection of health.

Discussion at the frankfurt book fair

The one is Benediktinerpater and best-selling author of spiritual books. The other was a top manager and served time in prison for embezzlement. Anselm Grun and Thomas Middelhoff met at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Spiritual service church

11.Theologian Paul Zulehner has received 000 responses to an online survey in ten languages. The result: people would like to see more social engagement in the pandemic above all.

Comfort and support in the crisis

Man with medical gloves holds a cross © elena_prosvirova (shutterstock)

Extensive praise from high places: In view of the Corona crisis, the Catholic bishops in Germany have acknowledged a high level of personal commitment on the part of church employees in pastoral care, counseling services and at Caritas.

The last one turns off the light?

They are used as daycare centers, retirement homes or galleries: Churches that are abandoned as places of worship. There are tricky questions ahead for congregations: When in doubt, should churches be sold to fast-food chains or rather torn down?

Throwing herself to the ground before the lord

Msgr. Markus Bosbach © Jelen (Archdiocese of Cologne)

On 23. In June 1995, the Cologne Cathedral Chaplain and Deputy Vicar General Monsignor Markus Bosbach was ordained to the priesthood. To this day, his silver jubilee as a priest, he does not regret having chosen this path.

During Advent, there is a wide range of events in Cologne's inner city parishes. It is annoying to miss an interesting event. Canon Dominik Meiering reveals how this is to be prevented.

Francis is not thinking of resigning

Pope Francis during a Reuters interview © Reuters

Pope Francis comments on a range of ies in an exclusive interview with Reuters news agency. In the process, the pontiff rebukes Trump's migration policy, comments on relationship with China and contradicts resignation rumors.

An alternative to Hartz IV: The Association of Catholic Entrepreneurs proposes an "activating basic income. Recipients of unemployment benefit II would be able to choose between the current benefit and a basic income with improved opportunities for additional earnings.

The North Rhine-Westphalian Higher Administrative Court (OVG) has provisionally prohibited the Bayer industrial group from commissioning its carbon monoxide pipeline planned between Dormagen and Krefeld. At the same time, however, the judges allowed the company to finish building the pipeline at its own risk, as the OVG announced in Munster on Tuesday. Two private individuals, over whose properties the route is to run, had complained. The decisions of the OVG cannot be challenged.