The “terror phantom

Politely, Osama Bin Laden addresses the American people: "I am going to talk about some important things that concern you. Therefore, please lend me your attention." Thus begins the head of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda his message on the sixth anniversary of the attacks in New York and Washington on 11. September 2001. The "terror phantom" is putting on a downright "statesmanlike" act.

"We must show steadfastness in Iraq" In the video, he urges American citizens to convert to Islam if they want to end the war in Iraq. Bin Laden, unlike in the past, does not threaten attacks. US President George W. Bush promptly countered. The videotape is a reminder of how dangerous the Islamists are to the world. "We must show steadfastness in Iraq."It is the first video in three years in which bin Laden shows himself for 30 minutes with a beard dyed black. The "emir," as his followers reverentially call him, turned 50 in the spring, according to Interpol. He appears slightly battered and visibly aged in the new footage.

U.S. "on the losing track" In the video Bin Laden presents a tour d`horizon, which is politically, historically and also morally mixed. Of the U.S., he paints a picture of a nation "on the losing road. Although the Americans are militarily superior, they cannot win in Iraq despite "all moral arguments" "because in reality they are only following the interests of international corporations". The Americans would repeat in Iraq their mistakes from the Vietnam war and those of the Soviets from the Afghanistan campaign and "shirk the better judgment to give up". In his appeal to Americans to convert to Islam, Bin Laden even lists passages in the Koran in which Jesus and Mary are mentioned. CIA experts believe that bin Laden's new public appearance is primarily intended to document "that he is still the ideological leader of al-Qaeda," although the terrorist organization is no longer the "hierarchical cadre organization it was before the 11th century. September 2001 is". The terrorists now operate independently and "on their own" in many groups and cells. This has just been shown again with the new arrests of Islamists in Germany.

Masterminds of the 11. Septembe Bin Laden was considered the real mastermind of the devastating airplane attacks in the U.S. that killed some 3,000 people. After U.S. troops invaded the Hindu Kush shortly after the attacks, they searched for bin Laden. He had hidden in the cave labyrinths of the "Tora Bora" mountain massif and from there he was able to escape on 16. December 2001 escape. Since then he is hunted – unsuccessfully. There is a 25 million dollar reward on his head. Bin Laden and his men are believed to be in the inaccessible high mountain region of Waziristan in northwestern Pakistan on the Afghan border.Osama comes from the Arabic extended family of the Bin Ladens, also often spelled "Binladens". His father made a huge fortune in Saudi Arabia with his construction company. He also worked for the Saudi Arabian royal family. According to Islamic tradition, Mohammed Bin Laden had many wives. In 1956, he fathered child number 17 with a Syrian woman from Latakia and named him Osama. This was considered the "saint" of the family. For example, Osama considered playing soccer a "godless pastime". As heir to the billionaire Bin Laden family, Osama uses the funds for worldwide "jihad," the "holy war" against all "infidels". Osama is said to have fathered 15 children with several women. He once said: "I am infinitely grateful to Allah for enabling my family to understand my path. She prays for me".

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