Spiritual service church

Spiritual service church

11.Theologian Paul Zulehner has received 000 responses to an online survey in ten languages. The result: people would like to see more social engagement in the pandemic above all.

The Church should reach out more to the "losers" of the Corona pandemic, according to Viennese pastoral theologian Paul Zulehner. Zulehner told the press agency kathpress on Friday that many people would like to see a stronger commitment on the part of the Church to those who have become unemployed, single parents, the lonely, small businesses facing ruin, or refugees. It was about helping people "to be able to stand in fear," he said.

Zulehner referred to initial results of an online survey he conducted on the pandemic. In July, he had put a questionnaire online in ten languages and, according to his own statements, had received over 11.000 evaluable responses received. His book "Banged-up Confidence. 'What moves people in the Corona crisis' to appear in January.

"Hybrid ecclesial communities"

There is a need to deal with vulnerability, with death and dying, Zulehner continued. At the same time, hope must be conveyed. A "spiritual church" is urgently needed, the theologian stressed. In addition, more emphasis must be placed on "hybrid church communities" that focus on participation on the one hand, but also see themselves as a "service church" on the other.

This applies beyond the times of the pandemic: Digitalization poses a "new social question" for society, which requires just answers – especially in view of the upcoming "Herculean task" of ecologizing the economy.

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