On to facebook, twitter and co.

On to facebook, twitter and co.

Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

Media influence our present. Cologne Archbishop Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki is also aware of this. Even the church cannot escape this – even if he himself does not necessarily want to appear on talk shows.

Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki dislikes being a guest on talk shows. Except for "Kolner Treff," he has not been on major talk shows, the archbishop said in an interview with the professional service "Medienkorrespondenz" (Friday). Of course, he has received invitations from ARD and ZDF, he said. "But I often have the impression that they are no longer about listening and exchanging arguments," Woelki said.

Rather, they are self-promotion shows in which everyone is supposed to fulfill their assigned role. That's why he made a conscious decision not to go there, he said.

"Church cannot get past Facebook and Twitter"

Despite fake news in social media such as Facebook and Twitter, Woelki believes that the church cannot simply avoid these new forms of communication. "They are now simply so established in social interaction and also in the political sphere that we simply cannot get around it," the archbishop said more. However, he expects the operators and political leaders to ensure truthfulness and respect in the social media.

Woelki called for anonymity to be restricted in the social media. "One should be able to stand by one's name to what one expresses there."Every expression of opinion should be presented in a form "for which I stand personally or institutionally and for which I can then be held accountable".

Praise for public broadcasters

The archbishop is critical of the "increasing tabloidization of news and information programs" in both private and public media. Increasingly, colorful, entertaining and superficial messages appeared. "I don't think that kind of thing belongs in news broadcasts," the cardinal said.

Woelki resolutely opposed the abolition of public broadcasters. He called it "a very great achievement" that they independently and critically accompany political and social developments and deal with the cultural sector.

"We must also let this cost us something," says the archbishop. The large chance of these media is it to take up not only topics, with which one can make ratio , but also questions of the social connection and the human existence.

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