Comfort and support in the crisis

Comfort and support in the crisis

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Extensive praise from high places: In view of the Corona crisis, the Catholic bishops in Germany have acknowledged a high level of personal commitment on the part of church employees in pastoral care, counseling services and at Caritas.

"In doing so, they perform acts of solidarity in our society that are as numerous as they are valuable," wrote the chairman of the Bishops' Conference's Caritas Commission, Archbishop Stephan Burger, the chairman of the Pastoral Commission, Bishop Franz-Josef Bode, and the chairman of the Commission for Marriage and Family, Archbishop Heiner Koch, in a Christmas letter published Tuesday in Bonn.

"As bishops, we want to work to ensure that you can continue to do your work in good and safe conditions in the new year, and that your commitment receives attention and appreciation."

Comfort and assistance

The longer the challenge of the pandemic lasts, the clearer it becomes who is particularly affected by the continuing need for restrictive measures, the bishops said. The Corona crisis, he said, intensified, as if in a burning glass, the concerns of children and young people, but especially of those who already suffered from loneliness, old age, physical and psychological stress due to illness, poverty, difficult family circumstances or homelessness.

"The ever-renewed attention to people in need of comfort and assistance runs like a red thread through the history of Christianity," the letter continues. The employees in Caritas, counseling centers and pastoral care thus fulfill the mission of Jesus under difficult conditions.

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