Clearing the way

Former Saxon Finance Minister Stanislaw Tillich was elected as the new chairman of the Saxon CDU at the CDU's state party conference in Zwickau with 97.7 percent of the vote. The 49-year-old replaces Georg Milbradt. Milbradt had announced his resignation six weeks ago in the wake of the near-collapse of Landesbank Sachsen LB and proposed Tillich as his successor as party leader and Minister President.

In his candidacy speech as CDU state chairman, Tillich stated as a goal that the CDU/CSU must remain "the party of Saxony. He could have imagined the "Milbradt era being longer, but in politics things don't always go according to our own ideas.". Milbradt had succeeded with his decision that trench warfare and injuries were absent. This succeeds in "such change situations in politics only very rarely". At the CDU state party conference in Zwickau, Milbradt, 63, described his resignation as the start of a "generation change". At the same time, he called on the nearly 240 CDU delegates to support his successor, Stanislaw Tillich, even after the election. Tillich needs "loyal and hard-working helpers" in the party and in the state parliamentary group to win elections.

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