“By my own efforts into the first job market”

An alternative to Hartz IV: The Association of Catholic Entrepreneurs proposes an "activating basic income. Recipients of unemployment benefit II would be able to choose between the current benefit and a basic income with improved opportunities for additional earnings.

"Our concept offers more opportunities for the long-term unemployed to integrate into the primary labor market step by step under their own steam," the association explained in Cologne on Friday. In addition, the regulations for children would also be revised. In addition to child benefits, basic income recipients would receive an additional 200 euros per child. Thus the needs of a child are fully covered. In the BKU model, citizens should receive the "activating basic income" of 447 euros per month instead of the Hartz IV standard rate of 359 euros, which would cover costs for food, clothing and housing. At the same time, income of up to 222 euros per month would be possible without deduction. This would make it possible to finance participation in social, cultural and political life. Income in excess of this amount would be counted toward the basic income at 60 percent, a lower percentage than before. This would reduce the amount of government benefits as income increases, without massively limiting the incentive for paid work. In contrast to other models, this proposal is financially viable, as unemployment benefit II, housing benefit, social benefit for children, child supplement and tax allowances are absorbed into the basic income and thus flow in as counter-financing, it was said.

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