Against attacks from reactionary groups

Against attacks from reactionary groups

Argentine Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Perez Esquivel has called for more support for Pope Francis. Especially in the effort to protect the planet, he said, the head of the church should be supported much more.

"Let us raise our voices against the attacks of conservative and reactionary groups who are waging a battle against him," reads an appeal by Esquivel published by the Italian newspaper "La Repubblica" on Tuesday.

Esquivel: Church is exposed to conflicts

It is a matter of "supporting Pope Francis in his commitment to protect the planet, for a more just and solidary world, and for peace," the 87-year-old civil rights activist said. The Argentine received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1980 for his peaceful resistance to Argentina's military dictatorship (1976-1983).

According to Esquivel, the Church is exposed to political, social as well as economic conflicts and interests, both inside and outside the Vatican. "These groups are unwilling to give up their privileges and spheres of power and are therefore waging a targeted campaign against Pope Francis." Esquivel's call appeared on the front page and comment column of the Italian newspaper.

Appreciation of the Amazon Synod

Esquivel also paid tribute to a "catacomb pact for our common home" concluded during the Amazon synod. In it, on 20. In Rome on October 8, more than 40 bishops from the Amazon region, as well as a good 100 other religious and other believers, committed themselves to the protection of the South American region and its inhabitants, a respectful proclamation of the Gospel and a simple lifestyle. In addition, they said they want to "empower women who are already de facto leaders of village communities and congregations in Amazonia with appropriate services and ministries".

The three-week deliberations of the synod, which ended Sunday, were accompanied by sharp criticism and polemics from ultraconservative Catholics against indigenous rites and symbols. There was also criticism of the proposal for an allowance of proven married men, so-called "viri probati," to the priesthood in the Amazon region, which was included in the final document, as well as the synod's strong social-ecological theme.

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