“Women are standing by”

On the occasion of the Day of the Deaconess, Catholic associations reiterate their demand for the opening of the sacramental diaconate to women. In society, there would be no more understanding if the church did not comply with this demand.

"Only a church in which justice is realized is a credible church. Diaconal action belongs to the essence of the church and is not bound to one gender.
Women and men, as baptized and confirmed, are equally called to carry out service to others," the Catholic German Women's Federation (KDFB), the Catholic Women's Community of Germany (kfd), the Network Diaconate of Women and the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) announced Thursday.

The deputy chairwoman of the kfd, Agnes Wuckelt, emphasized: "For the church, future viability means remaining true to its mission and making people with their questions, needs and joys the yardstick for its actions. If the church is not ready to finally recognize the equality of women and men, then it faces a bad future."

Demand for women's diaconate in society

According to Irmentraud Kobusch, chairwoman of the Diaconate of Women Network, society no longer understands that the church still does not recognize the vocation of women as deacons today. "Women stand by. They know they are called by God," she said. KDFB President Maria Flachsbarth added: "A credible church is inviting and not exclusionary. Women who feel called to diaconal ministry should be trained according to their charisms and abilities and receive sacramental ordination."A "diaconate light," as some bishops envisioned it, was not an option, but a continuation of the status quo.

ZdK president Thomas Sternberg explained: "We defend ourselves against sweeping judgments about people, about women and men."There is evidence that there were female deacons until the Middle Ages.
"And without the commitment of women today, the diaconal work in the church and the parishes would collapse. Reviving the sacramental ordination of the deaconess is an act of justice and necessity."

For decades, associations have been campaigning for women to be ordained as deacons. The theme of a digital stakeholder event on Thursday is "Just". The Day of the Deaconess has been celebrated since 1998, always on 29. April, the feast day of St. Catherine of Siena, celebrated.

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