The other side of the coin

Jurgen Todenhofer is one of the most vocal critics of the U.S. campaigns against Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003. In his new book, the former member of the Bundestag and current media maker also wants to illuminate the "other side" of the coin. In an interview with this site, he talks about his trip to Iraq and his conversations with resistance fighters.

Jurgen Todenhofer's book is an attempt to illuminate the other side of the coin. It reports how Iraqi people talk about the war when there are no heavily armed GIs near them. When neither helicopters nor Humvees have previously spent hours "clearing" and securing the area for convoys of politicians and press. "Why do you kill, Zaid?"gives a voice to those to whom the Pentagon press officers never take their visiting delegations – the members of the Iraqi resistance. It tries to explain why this resistance is fighting not only against the American occupation, but also against the terrorists of Al-Qaeda and against the private militias of Iraqi politicians supported by foreign powers. And it wants to make clear where the fundamental differences between resistance fighters and terrorists lie. The author tries to give a voice to those who are really fighting for justice and freedom. The "damned of this earth," as Frantz Fanon once called them. And in Algeria of the sixties, in Afghanistan of the eighties and in Iraq of the year 2008, these were and are not the occupying forces, but the resistance.

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