“The cliffhanger wears out otherwise”

Altar with bread and wine © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

There is much talk about the possibility of Catholics and Protestants celebrating communion together. Too much, says journalist Christiane Florin. She suggests keeping quiet about it until "the invitations are sent out".

"My journalistic impulse is: as long as no date is fixed, simply insert a public communion announcement fast," said journalist Christiane Florin before the synod of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) on Monday in Bonn. We should not talk about it again until the invitation is sent out. "Otherwise, the cliffhanger Last Supper wears thin, as does the dramatic closing music at the 1648. Linden Street episode."

Bogus triviality and self-deprecation

In the journalist's view, the 2017 Reformation commemorative year too often saw an "ecumenism of irrelevance, a mixture of mock reverence and self-deprecation". "Tolerance, talking to each other, something against the AfD and for the Basic Law – that always fits," said Florin. "This is as connectable as a Playmobil Luther, which with a few tricks can be transformed into an astronaut, a train driver or a nurse."

Desperate good mood tone

Currently, bishops are "smiling away as cultural pessimism" critical questions from their own base, she said. "A desperate feel-good tone is spreading," said Florin, who works for the German radio station Deutschlandfunk. So far, much can still be easily overlooked: The churches had money, the top politicians were there, the public broadcasters were reporting. "The remnants of the people's church are joining forces with the remnants of the people's parties," he said, adding that there is still plenty to be had.

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