Supporting single parents

Supporting single parents

Single parents with two children © Patrick Pleul

The Social Service of Catholic Women has called for improvements in the advance payment of child support. He said it was disappointing that the decision made by the federal-state conference was being questioned because of the unresolved funding ie.

That communicated the SkF on Wednesday in Dortmund. Single parents who do not receive maintenance from the other parent, or do not receive it regularly, can apply for advance maintenance payments.

The federal cabinet wants to pay single parents a maintenance advance for longer in the future. From 2017, the maximum duration of the advance payment of 72 months is to be abolished and the maximum age of the child from 12 to 18 years is to be raised. The cabinet passed a corresponding reform proposal in November. However, there are disputes with the federal states about funding. It was originally planned that the new regulation would come into force at the beginning of the year.

Improve conditions for single parents

The association emphasized that the expansion would noticeably improve conditions for single parents. All surveys showed that the risk of poverty among children and single parents was particularly high despite a high labor force participation rate.

According to calculations by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, the expansion of the advance on child support could save 260.000 additional children are reached. 226.000 of them currently receive benefits under Social Code Book II. Advance maintenance payments offer the prospect of leaving SGB II for about 35 percent of SGB II-receiving single parents who are gainfully employed and thus supplement SGB II benefits.

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