Preventing slipping into the abyss of history

Preventing slipping into the abyss of history

The Patriarch of Moscow: Cyril I. © Sergei Chirikov

The Russian cleric Cyril I. Apparently sees the end of the world approaching. Humanity is in a "critical" phase, the church leader said Monday evening in Moscow, according to media reports.

At a mass for his 71. Speaking in Moscow's cathedral on his 60th birthday, the Russian Orthodox patriarch called on all people who loved their country to join together. One would have to be blind not to see the approaching "terrible moment of history" described by St. John the Evangelist in the Bible, said Cyril I. continue.

Putin offers personal congratulations

Sin penetrates into people's lives through theater and cinema, among other things, although art should actually contribute to a positive development of the personality and society. He urged Russians to take responsibility for their country and for all humanity and to prevent the "slide into the abyss of the end of history".

President Vladimir Putin had congratulated Cyril I. personally congratulated on his birthday at a reception in the Kremlin on Monday. The patriarch thanked him for the good cooperation between the state and the church.

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