Office crosser soder

Office crosser soder

Editor in chief Ingo Bruggenjurgen © Edgar Schoepal (DR)

In the our site editorial office hangs the cross in every room. But we are not concerned with our Cologne identity, just as Markus Soder is concerned with the Bavarian way of life in his crusade. A commentary by Ingo Bruggenjurgen.

Yes, Himmeherrgodnoamoi-Kruzefixhalleluja sacrament! Now the new Bavarian prime minister is thwarting the AfD's plans. These self-proclaimed saviors of the Christian West should definitely not overtake the CSU on the right in the upcoming state election campaign. So the new strong man in Bavaria has a cross hung up in all the offices of his Free State. The cross reflects "our Bavarian identity and way of life," says Soder. And further: "The cross is not a sign of a religion." So unholy Mark is thinking rather of white sausage, BMW and laptop or lederhosen and not of the Christian churches?

Soder's critics already fear that the cross could quickly become Bavarian folklore. Gemach, gemach – one would like to say there. The cross will also outlast Soder's office cross. The cross has already survived other attacks, and whether the CSU, of all parties, will win under the sign of the cross is not yet clear, since the Christian Socialists are in the lead.B. The German government is at odds with the churches over the acceptance of refugees and family reunification. Also, the recent decree of the cross seems rather cheap and transparent. But any attempt to take over the cross will fail – no matter how proudly you carry it in front of you.

Of course – there is also a cross in my room. Also in all editorial rooms of our multimedia station it is not missing. Because the cross is a sign that in the end love and never death triumphs. The cross is both a claim and a mission. It excludes no one and reminds everyone of the need to follow Christ. For only those who accept the cross of their life, take the mission of Christ seriously and try to orient their lives to it again and again, will be granted the fullness of life already here and now – and salvation at the end of time. If the crosses in all Bavarian offices are to serve this, it may be a good start. But if the Bavarian Kreuzbube only wants to take care of the crosses on the ballot paper of the CSU, one may calmly follow the proverb: "Where the devil carries the cross forward, there go not after!"

Notice: Ingo Bruggenjurgen is editor-in-chief of the Catholic multimedia station our site in Cologne.

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