New compensation system under discussion

New compensation system under discussion

Symbolic image of abuse in the church © Clearviewstock (shutterstock)

The victims' initiative "Eckiger Tisch" has renewed its demand that a lump-sum compensation of 300.000 euros to victims of abuse by priests or other employees in the Catholic Church.

At the plenary session of the Bishops' Conference currently meeting in Fulda, the bishops would have to make decisions so that those affected could soon expect adequate compensation, according to the press release distributed in Fulda on Monday.

Otherwise, there is a danger that "many victims will not live to see the day when they finally receive adequate compensation for the injustice done to them". The "Cornered Table" initiative has been formed by victims who have suffered abuse at Jesuit-run schools.

Sums of several hundred thousand euro in the discussion

A paper with recommendations for compensation, prepared by an independent working group in recent weeks, is to be presented in Fulda on Tuesday. However, the abuse commissioner of the Bishops' Conference, Trier's Bishop Stephan Ackermann, had already hinted at a new compensation system for victims, in which those affected could receive more money. He confirmed that sums of several hundred thousand euros were being discussed.

In addition, the initiative stressed that it hoped that an independent reappraisal of the past would get underway throughout Germany. He said talks with the German government's independent commissioner, Johannes-Wilhelm Rorig, were "apparently on the right track".

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