“My mind has suspended”

Church and money © Harald Oppitz (KNA)

The priest from Ballenstedt, who embezzled money from the parish treasury, has now justified his act. He had been informed he had won the Spanish lottery – and had then transferred alleged fees to the scammers.

The Catholic clergyman from the diocese of Magdeburg, who visits around 120.The parish priest, who had embezzled € 000 from a parish treasury, said he had been deceived about winning the lottery and had subsequently gone off the rails.

The "Bild" newspaper (Tuesday) described the priest from Ballenstedt on the edge of the Harz Mountains, that he had received in the spring of 2017 by mail the message, in a Spanish lottery 935.to have won 000 euros. Subsequently, in response to further mails from an alleged law firm, he had paid money several times for supposedly due fees in order to get paid the profit.

Priest turned himself in

According to his own statements, the clergyman had not participated in the lottery at all, as the "Bild" reported. Nevertheless, he had finally gone to the parish treasury to meet more and more money demands. "My mind has stopped," the newspaper quotes him as saying.

A few days ago, the priest had denounced himself and informed the Bishop of Magdeburg, Gerhard Feige. The bishop relieved the man from the chairmanship of the church council. Further disciplinary steps he reserves itself, it was said.

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