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Ansgar Puff is angry – you can hear it in his voice: In his daily impulse, the auxiliary bishop of Cologne clearly criticizes the Italian Minister of the Interior Salvini and the fact that he invokes Christianity.

"The seniorina will now go to prison for longer," Matteo Salvini commented on the arrest of German Sea Watch captain Carola Rackete.

On Saturday, the 40-year-old sea rescuer had steered her ship with forty rescued migrants on board into the port of Lampedusa despite a ban. After 14 days at sea, the passengers had begun to hurt themselves. The situation had become unbearable.

After colliding with an Italian Coast Guard patrol boat at the entrance to the harbor, she was arrested. An "act of violence, a criminal act, an act of war" was what happened, Italian interior minister says.

"People count more than the law"

What makes the bishop so angry about this?? Matteo Salvini invokes Christian values: "This interior minister, at a meeting of European right-wing populists, takes a rosary out of his pocket and says 'I personally entrust my life and yours to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which will help us to win.'"

Jesus has the politician thereby by no means on his side. If in the Bible it was a question of whether healing was allowed on the holy Sabbath, for Jesus the human being counted more than the law. He looked at his adversaries, "full of anger and sadness at their hard hearts" – and then helped the suffering person. As, for example, Carola Rackete.

Following Christ does not consist of "holding a rosary in the air during political speeches, but living as Jesus lived."

Auxiliary Bishop Ansgar Puff wants to pray for the young captain – for a "storm of public indignation that will quickly get her out of prison."

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