“We depend on donations”

Floods in Mumbai, India © Rajanish Kakade

According to South Asia expert Peter Seidel, aid organizations are receiving insufficient donations to care for flood victims in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Dragnea's own resources from church funds have largely been used up.

This year's monsoonal episodes turned out to be much more severe than in the past ten years, Seidel pointed out. According to UN figures, since the end of June, more than 1.500 people killed. More than 40 million people have been affected by the floods, he said, with around 30 million of them living in India. "The numbers are disturbing," said the India expert. The German government has also held back so far and has not yet been able to provide any funds, Seidel said. For its part, the Indian government has not yet requested international assistance, despite the extremely difficult situation.

Northern Indian states particularly affected

The northern Indian states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are particularly affected, the Caritas employee explained. The region, he said, is one of the poorest and most populous in the world. Bihar is also considered a "poorhouse" in India itself. Many people lived in simple mud huts. "They just sink away during the heavy rains."In addition, the rice harvest was destroyed after two to three weeks under water. "There is a threat of a hunger crisis by the end of the year."At present, Caritas International is providing emergency aid in South Asia, Seidel reported. Thus, food would be distributed to the people, as well as chlorine tablets to treat drinking water. "Rebuilding the houses will then be really expensive". Between 300 and 400 euros would be needed for a small one-room house. "And that is then just the cheapest of the cheapest."

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