“Make something of it: be the future!”

Misereor Lenten Action Poster 2019 © MISEREOR

Cologne Cathedral at sunrise © Oliver Berg

This coming Sunday, Misereor and the Archdiocese of Cologne will open this year's Lenten campaign of the Catholic relief organization in Cologne Cathedral. But already from this Ash Wednesday on, numerous events will take place throughout the archdiocese.

Under the motto "Make something of it: Be the future!"Numerous events throughout the archdiocese are encouraging people to consider the question of what a good future looks like and what everyone can do to make it happen.

Here, young people from the target country of El Salvador show what people can achieve together. In the country, which is marked by violence and poverty, they shape their lives based on their own strengths and abilities in such a way that their situation improves. At the same time, the young people act as role models and help to improve their social environment step by step.

In the "My Life Plan" project, for example, a team of young Salvadorans helps local young people develop viable prospects for their lives. Other young people work in small teams to build houses that provide dignified living space for themselves and others. At the same time, the joint work strengthens the village community. All projects have one thing in common: the young people take their lives into their own hands and actively help shape their society.

Motivation by the Vicar General

The Cologne Vicar General Dr. Markus Hofmann hopes that this year's campaign will motivate many people to become active themselves: "'Make something of it: Be the future' – The motto challenges us in several ways: to listen carefully to where God is calling us to do something. At the same time, he appeals to us to courageously use the skills and talents he has given each of us and use them for the good of the community."

In order to get to know the people and their projects personally, Hofmann traveled together with the managing director of Misereor, Pirmin Spiegel, from the 2. until the 9. February to El Salvador.

Further information on the Misereor Lenten Campaign and the events can be found at www.fasting campaign.de as well as at www.archdiocese-cologne.en/fastingaction2019.

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