Liturgy in a state of emergency

Liturgy in a state of emergency

What can a liturgical celebration look like after a traumatic crisis situation?? The German Bishops' Conference has adopted a handout that addresses this ie and is intended to help church actors.

The Catholic bishops in Germany have adopted a working aid on church services after disasters and terrorist attacks. Such events unfold their traumatic effect far beyond the realm of those directly affected, the German Bishops' Conference stressed in Fulda on Thursday. In such cases, the church does not have to act solely in a pastoral and charitable way. The design of the services is then also enormously important, he says.

Handout for church actors

The handout is aimed first and foremost at church actors and decision-makers who are involved professionally or in acute cases with the implementation of such celebrations. The background is the experience of the funeral services for the victims of the Germanwings crash, various attacks in Germany and also traffic disasters.

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